Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here you can find answers to your questions.

Is there any additional cost for Pickup?

No, we don't charge any additional cost for your request pickup.
Why choose

As you are not aware, where your waste goes, how much waste have you already sold??. With we can provide you with the same.
What about refunds?

Once you have sold your item there will be no refund for the same.
How to set up the Request?

You can setup request by visiting our website and by on call. We will contact you within 24hrs.
Will I get Receipt for the Material I have sold?

Yes, Definitely you will get a proper receipt for the material you have sold. Or ask for the receipt from the pickup boy.
Any identification to recognize your pickup boy?

Yes, you may ask him to show his Identity card. Our Pickup boy will be in proper dress code.
How can I track my Request?

Go to > Scroll down to the track your reqeust section > Enter your request id and Click 'Track' button > Enter the OTP recieved on your mobile number and click 'Sign in' button.
May I join this Cause?

Yes, you may join this social cause, for that please draft us a mail so that we can look into this.
What should be the minimum weight to set up a request?

Very Important Question, There should be minimum of 10kg of weight. Please be sure about it.
Which Weighing Machine you are using?

We are using Electronic/Digital Weighing Machine. We will Weight your Material in front of you and pay you accordingly.
Can I register my Society?

Yes, you can register your society and we will provide you with the service accordingly. Please register your society and save the nation.
Is The Kabadiwala present in my city?

Our services are currently present in Bhopal, Indore, Ahmedabad, Raipur and Aurangabad.