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Zero Waste Events

We all plan events to be fun, but not enough for them to be sustainable. There is a great deal of trash that’s generated at every event in a very little time, and it all goes to landfills untreated & unwatched. This not only pollutes the environment but also leads our precious resources to go to waste. Acknowledging that, The Kabadiwala came up with its Zero Waste Event Service to minimise your event’s waste and maximise its impact. Because we believe, ‘Nature shouldn’t pay for the fun we have’, and also understand, ‘If our environment is harmed, humans will eventually be harmed’.
Zero Waste Event is not a trend, it is an approach in which careful consideration is given to the products used in an event and their later destiny. All the waste coming from an event should be managed sustainably. So, the event organisers are encouraged to plan an event that reduces the incoming of the waste from the outset, and the least that’s generated at the end could be reused, recovered & recycled. In a way, Zero Waste Events by itself is the most striking yet subtle way of educating the sponsors about environmental awareness and the sustainable disposal of waste.
What We Do?
Event Plan-up: Determine the size of the event depending on the number of attendees, vendors, and participants to estimate the amount of waste generation, number of Bin stations to set up and the volunteers to be placed.
Engage Vendors & Kiosk holders: The success of a zero-waste event is dependent on the commitment of the vendors & kiosk holders to the zero-waste plan. So, The Kabadiwala helps you engage the vendors & the kiosk holders by establishing your expectations and also including them by educating them about the zero waste phenomenon.
Reduce, if not possible consider alternatives: Suggest recyclable & compostable alternatives for single use plastic to the vendors & kiosk holders so as to reduce waste from the outset.
Promoting Zero Waste: Plan an awareness campaign to make your attendees & participants know well in advance about your Zero Waste Event Initiative. And it is advised to mention it on the e-tickets. Whereas, word of mouth plays the role as well..
Event Break-up: The event site is divided into Front-of-house which deals with the waste generated by the attendees & Back-of-house deals with the waste generated by the vendors & kiosks holders. The waste generated at both segments will be different, so will be the disposal system.
Setup Bin Station: The Kabadiwala helps in the right allocation of adequate numbers of the Bin stations depending on the size of the event & the kind of waste generated.
Staff the Bin Stations: Planning the staff requirement for frequent emptying of the bins is taken care of by The Kabadiwala, along with their training on waste segregation to equip them to help the attendees & the stakeholders to dispose of their waste properly.
Put-up Signage: Put up posters at the site promoting Zero Waste Event and clear signage with explanatory pictures of different streams of waste at the Bin stations
On-site Waste Sorting: The Kabadiwala’s trained executives double check the waste bags for any missed contaminants, to ensure proper segregation.
Sustainable disposal: The kabadiwala makes sure that we recycle and compost your event’s waste and repurpose them into valuable resources.
Impact Report: At the end of the event, we provide an Impact report mentioning the amount of waste diverted from landfills & resources saved.
Key Benefits
Expertise: Get specialised service of an expert team.
Impact: Reduce your event’s carbon footprint.
Inspire: Set an example by adopting Zero waste events.
Compliance: Comply with Solid Management Rule 16.
Sustainability: Engage with your customers sustainably.
Your Impacts & Contribution
Enriching the environment by diverting waste from landfills through the reduced generation of waste or the kind of waste that can be reused, recovered & recycled.
With the growing awareness, the majority supports the Zero Waste Concept & appreciates the effort. Thereby add value to your brand’s goodwill.
Serve the community by donating leftover food to the families in need & the organic food waste compost to be used in the community gardens.
Informal Sector
Empowering the informal sector by creating green jobs & in turn improve the livelihood of the waste workers.
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