Terms and Conditions
1. Please read the terms and condition carefully which is located at the website (TheKabadiwala). The terms, guidelines, the privacy policy and other documents made available by the website time to time. In the case of any conflict between these terms or documents, the term will have an overriding effect. This agreement sets out the legally binding agreement between the user of the website and TheKabadiwala.
2. By accessing or using the website in any manner like visiting, browsing or surfing the site you agree to be bound by these terms.
3. These terms and rights (any) may not be transferred or assigned by the user but may be assigned by the website without restriction. Any attempted transfer or assignment in violation shall be null or void.
Acceptance of Terms of Use
1. By using or by browsing the website you are agreeing or accepting the terms, as amended from time to time with or without the notice.
2. This website is owned and operated by The Kabadiwala and it reserves the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently at any time with or without notice. You agree that the website shall not be liable to you or to any third for any suspension or discontinuance of the website services.
3. The Kabadiwala or the website management may modify these terms and conditions time to time and these changes would be reflected on the website with the updated version of the terms or also may reflected in applications or to you via e-mail and you agree to be bound to the changes of these terms when you use our website or website services.
4. When you register an account on our website and upload, submit, enter any information to the website then you shall be deemed to have agreed to and understand the terms.
5. The website also uses cookies and by using the website you agree and give us consent for the use of cookies in accordance with terms of privacy policy.

1. The Kabadiwala is operated in scrap industry which means that it deals in location, transportation, commerce, treatment, recycling and exploitation of the scrap materials such as metal, plastic, paper and e-waste among others. It provides its visitor an online platform that allows the users to sell directly and execute deals which are offered by The Kabadiwala.com time to time.
2. Registered user can see their profiles & past performances information which the website allows. This website provides an e-commerce platform to user for scrap transactions
3. For our pickup service, you must have to provide your accurate information like name, address, mobile number, etc. Your pickup will be held on the scheduled date as provided by you while submitting the request. You can reschedule or cancel your pickup request any time after submitting your request. You must have 15Kg or more scrap for pickup, otherwise pickup charges may apply. Rate of all material are fixed as mentioned on our price list. For the rates of other materials that are not listed on the list then you can contact us. If there are any unforeseen circumstances, we can also reschedule your pickup request to other working day.
Obligation of The Kabadiwala
1. The website is a service-based platform, the sole purpose of which is to provide a space, where the seller of the products related to scrap industry may interact and strike a deal of sale. Neither the Kabadiwala nor its website shall have absolute any liabilities, responsibilities or obligation with regards to any item, sold through the website.
2. The Kabadiwala will not bring about any obligation of at all nature emerging out any transaction made by seller through the website in sale of any item.
Account Registration
1. In order to use our services provided through the website, you will be required to register an account with the website. At the time of registration of account user will be asked to complete the registration form which shall require you to provide personal information.
2. You warrant all activities that occur under your account (any product information, clicking to accept any terms & conditions, or making any payment for any services) will be deemed to have been authorized by you as a user, hence you warrant to have full authority for the associated disclosure.
3. You represent that you have full authority to accept these terms, to grant any license and authorization and to perform any of your obligations, you also undertake the use of website and its services for personal purpose only.
4. You should not allow other person to use your account to access the website.
5. You should inform us immediately at the time of unauthorized access of your account. You can write us on: contact@thekabadiwala.com
User IDs-Passwords and Account deletion
1. The website provides you User ID and Password during registration so you must not use your account ID name in connection with the impersonation of any person.
2. You shall maintain the confidentiality of your password for which you should be responsible only.
3. During registration the data or personal information we collect subject to the terms of our Privacy Policy.
4. We may suspend, cancel or deactivate your account at any time in the sole discretion without notice as well as any other explanation.
5. You may also cancel your account on the website by emailing us at contact@thekabadiwala.com
Electronic Signature Consent
1. You agree that your “Electronic Signature” is the legal equivalent of your manual signature for this Agreement, this indicates you have given us consent electronically. The first click for the acceptance of terms is your consent.
2. This Electronic Signature used to sign contracts between seller and buyer so they can sell or purchase scrap material via website. The Kabadiwala uses electronic signature consent to speed up the process too. You agree on the use of website or gaining access or making any contracts between buyer & seller, acknowledgement, consent terms, disclosures or conditions, shall constitute your Electronic Signature.
3. You also agree that no outsider certification authority or third-party verification is necessary to validate your Electronic Signature with The Kabadiwala and that the lack of such certification will not affect the enforceability of your Electronic Signature.
User Responsibility
1. Not to access the website or its services using third-party’s account without the express consent of the account holder;
2. Not to use website for illegal purposes;
3. Not to commit any act of infringement on the website with respect to the content;
4. Not to attempt to gain the unauthorized access to other computer system through the website;
5. Not to upload or transmit the viruses or other harmful files which are destructive in nature;
6. Not to use the website in a way that may cause damage to the website’s availability or accessibility;
Effect of Breach by User
If any factual breach by any user for any cause, The Kabadiwala shall have right to impose a penalty, restrict, refuse or ban any and all current or future use of any other service provided by the Kabadiwala.
The website, its logos and its other registered trademarks belongs to the company i.e; The Kabadiwala. The Kabadiwala, the website and the management of the website give no permission to you for the use of these trademarks and such use may constitute an infringement of Intellectual Property Rights.
The Kabadiwala hereby reserves the right to update, modify, change, amend, terminate or discontinue the Website, the terms and policy at any time and its sole and final discretion. The Kabadiwala may change the website’s functionalities and applicable changes at any time. Any changes to these terms will be displayed in the website and we may also notify you through the website or by email. Your use of our services after the effective date of any update either by account registration or simple use- thereby indicates your acceptance thereof.
For any inquiries or complaints regarding the service or website, please contact- ASAR Green Kabadi Pvt Ltd www.thekabadiwala.com +91 7697 260 260 contact@thekabadiwala.com


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