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Circular Economy Services

Until now, the waste economy mainly operated on a 'take, make and dispose'​ model popularly known to be a linear model which led to the growing pressure of manufacturing and consumption on our scarce natural resources and environment. To counter that problem, the rise of the circular economy concept came about to help in the sustainable growth of businesses.
Through our circular economy solutions, we plan and design innovative strategies to provide sustainable solutions to businesses. The kabadiwala’s formulated strategies deal with the 360-degree approach to transforming a linear waste economy into a circular one. By providing end-to-end waste management solutions based on the principles of circular economy, the products in its end of life stage are pushed back into the economy by practising the phenomenon of reusing, repairing, remanufacturing, and recycling existing materials and products.
The Kabadiwala’s cutting-edge technological support and analytics tools help in achieving scalability and streamlining the whole process. While for the on-ground operations like dismantling we have The Kabadiwala’s executives, and for the collection and recovery of resources from different sources our The Kabadiwala collection team in partnership with the informal sector carries out the process to maximise the collection as well as recovery. The informal sector including the waste pickers and small scrap dealers are provided with the proper training to impart the skills required. Thus, promoting social inclusion in the informal sector.
What We Do?
Identifying: Chalking out a plan for identifying the different collection sources of the post-consumer waste.
Awareness: Promote the campaign and spread awareness to maximise the collection while building a positive brand image.
Training: Impart training to the waste pickers and small scrap dealers to maximise the material recovery.
Incentivising: Incentivising the consumers & waste pickers with attractive rates & rewards for their contribution in collection of required post-consumer waste.
Collection: The Kabadiwala app provides a streamlined solution for the free doorstep collection of post-consumer waste from customers.
Pre-processing: Collected waste is dismantled & segregated as per different quality and nature of the recovered materials.
Recycling: The recovered materials are sent to the authorised recyclers to transform it into a new product ready to be used by the consumers.
Key Benefits
Brand Identity: Improved brand image.
Sustainability: Attain sustainable growth of the business.
Specialization: Avail specialised & hassle free services for your sustainability projects.
Scalability: Achieve scalability.
Your Impacts & Contribution
Enabling landfill diversion by introducing the post consumer waste back to the manufacturing cycle.
Achieve increased economic growth by fulfilling the interest of all key stakeholders.
Informal Sector
Improved well being of the informal sector workers through social inclusion and better livelihood opportunities.
Encouraging businesses to act ethically results in the peaceful coexistence of the business & community.
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