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IEC stands for information, education and communication, is a public health system approach aiming at changing or reinforcing health-related behaviours in a target audience, concerning a specific problem and within a predefined period of time, through communication methods and principles.
The Kabadiwala extends its service to the Urban local bodies to carry out the IEC on waste management effectively and in the best possible way. The aim is to bring behavioural change in the masses by adopting safe and sustainable waste practices. For that, The Kabadiwala engages its team in spreading awareness across the community about the importance of the 3 R’s - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Then, educating them about the type of waste and its segregation at source and how it can contribute to increasing the recycling rate, thereby reducing waste pollution.
Apart from spreading awareness, The Kabadiwala provides Consultation Service to both Urban & Rural local bodies on how available resources can be used efficiently to help reduce waste related issues. Also helps Gram Panchayats in setting up an MRF centre which will not only help in keeping the city/village clean but also generate employment and better livelihood opportunities for people working in the informal sector.
What We Do?
Identifying: Identifying the current challenges of waste pollution and available tools to combat them in that particular location.
Targeting: Deciding the various hotspots for conducting campaigns like markets, residential areas and schools etc.
Planning: Planning & designing the campaign dealing with concerned issues in those targeted locations.
Awareness: Deploying The Kabadiwala team for spreading awareness to bring behavioural change through innovative campaign ideas.
Capacity Building: Engaging volunteers within the community and imparting proper knowledge & training to ensure correct waste disposal practices are being followed.
Facilitating: Facilitating the development of a quality communication network to integrate the key elements of a community led IEC approach.
Monitoring: Encourage the assigned volunteers to give time-to-time feedback so that corrective measures can be taken accordingly.
Reporting: Impact assessment reports are generated periodically to check the progress of the campaigns.
Key Benefits
Specialization: Get dedicated & professional service.
Assitance: End-to-end assistance from planning to final execution.
Scalability: Achieve scalability and reach.
Innovation: Encourage innovation.
Contribution: Contribute to the Swachh Bharat Mission.
Campaigns We Plan
Nukkad Nataks.
Door-to-door awareness.
Fun learning activities at school, offices, residents etc.
Developing IEC materials like posters, hoardings and banners.
Propagating through Local TV channels and FM radio.
Shramdan activities like cleaning of a water body or land.
Engaging school students for the waste management awareness padyatra.
Celebrating national international day related to environment & waste.
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