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Scrap Collection

If the waste is generated in bulk, then the way to deal with it can’t be traditional, there are few things that have to be done differently to provide end-to-end waste management covering all kinds of waste. The Kabadiwala has a well established procedure which is then cut out as per the business’s requirement to efficiently deal with the waste. Our digital platform allows the traceability and transparency of records and streamlines the process of data collection and reporting.
While being associated with The Kabadiwala, the businesses and the brand owners can be confident of its customised bulk scrap collection service being compliant with the standards laid down by central pollution control board. Apart from bulk scrap collection, we are also invested in providing Consultation Service wherein we do scrap inspection and share scrap valuation as per current market rates.
To ensure the effective waste management of the businesses, we work in close liaison with its various departments to help the organisation achieve their sustainability goals. For that, the Employee Engagement through proper training and awareness plays a crucial role in the overall success of the procedure.
What We Do?
Inspection: The premises and scrapyard space are inspected to check for their collection and segregation compatibility.
Participation: The Kabadiwala engages in the Online Bidding/Tender.
Planning: The plan is designed and strategies are laid out for effective scrap disposal.
Scrapyard Set-up: The scrapyard is made compatible to deal with the amount of waste generated, for its source segregation & storage.
Capacity Building: Engaging employees by imparting proper knowledge & training to ensure correct waste disposal practices are followed.
Assigning: A dedicated scrap executive is assigned to supervise the scrap segregation and its storage within the premises.
Collection: As per the frequency of waste generation, pick-up routines are planned for the scrap collection.
Transportation: The segregated waste is sent to The Kabadiwala facility for the second & final round of segregation.
Maintenance: Ensuring the proper management and Maintenance of the scrapyard.
Reporting: Based on the day-to-day record-keeping, a report is submitted monthly to track quantity and categories of material collected and recycled.
Our Prospective Clients
Brand Owners
Hotels & Restaurants
Key Benefits
Price: Best Scrap Rates.
Digitization: Digitalised record keeping and reporting.
Specialization: Professionally managed system.
Recognition: Brand recognition by adopting sustainability goals.
Compliance: Fulfilling regulatory compliance requirements.
Your Impacts & Contribution
Waste is diverted from landfills through recycling & right disposal of waste, resulting in reduced green gas emission and other pollutants that harms the environment.
By adopting sustainability goals results in the peaceful coexistence of the business & community.
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