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For the sustainable disposal of the scrap, the dismantling process plays the most critical part where dismantled items are segregated into marketable fractions to be repaired and reused, while the rest of the hazardous components are removed from end-of-life products and securely transferred to the authorised recyclers to prevent them from ending up in our dumping grounds which otherwise not just pollute our environment but also create a grave occupational hazard for the waste workers. The nature of the recyclables are carefully taken into account before sending them to the concerned recyclers for their right disposal.
To preserve our environment from the draconian impact of waste pollution, The Kabadiwala through its dismantling service offers a holistic approach to implement circular solutions to the scrap disposal, which begins with the effective collection, dismantling, reuse, and finally, recycling of the procured non-usable materials. The focus being that the device is dismantled up to the point where no further extraction of the usable component is possible without mechanical shredding. This is a revenue-centric model that reduces the burden on the environment, prevents toxicity, and generates value.
Apart from dismantling, The Kabadiwala team is engaged in carrying out the overall pre-processing of the recycling service, to later send the baled material to the authorised recyclers for further processing.
What We Do?
Collection: We provide a digitised network for its on-ground operations that streamlines the collection process from various sources.
Dismantling: Our specialised team starts with the manual dismantling for separating the usable from the un-usable.
Recycling: The recovered recyclables are further dismantled to procure reusable fractions and are sent to authorised recyclers.
Disposal: While the remaining hazardous components are disposed of in the most sustainable manner.
Certification: A Certificate is issued for the dismantling of both vehicles & e-waste.
Scrap We deal into
Old Telecom Towers
Our Prospective Clients
Corporate Establishments
Private Businesses
Key Benefits
Ease of Service: Door-to-Door pick-ups.
Traceability: Digitised traceability of your scrap journey.
Transparency: Scrap rates transparency.
Safe Disposal: Eco-friendly & safe disposal of your scrap.
Certification: Dismantling certificate as a document of proof.
Your Impacts & Contribution
Dismantled and segregated help in boosting the recycling rates and reducing wastage which thereby reduces the unwanted landfill.
Informal Sector
Waste workers are educated & trained in the dismantling & segregation process, hence upskilling them for better employment opportunities.
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