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In this evolving technological world, let your kabaad find a kabadiwala, ONLINE!

3 easy steps to sell your Scrap


Step 1

Choose material

Out of our 40+ scrap categories choose the scrap you want to sell.

Choose material

Select your Scrap that you want to sell out of a 40+ scrap category options.

Step 2

Schedule Pickup

Select your preferred date and add the scrap pick-up location.

Schedule Pickup

Select your date and add the location from where the scrap will be picked up.

Step 3

Recieve Payment

Recieve payment in any one of the three payment modes via cash or UPI or IMPS.

Recieve Payment

Recieve payment in any one of the three payment modes via cash or UPI or IMPS.

Raise Pickup Request

Raise a request from the comfort of your home with The Kabadiwala’s easy & flexible pickup scheduling.

Recycle Your Scrap

Don't know where to get your dry scrap recycled? Find us at your service.

Get Exciting Rewards

Get a chance to win exciting rewards like coupons and gift cards & much more.

Know your Contribution to the environment

The Kabadiwala app allows you to check your environmental impact for the amount of scrap you sold to us. The impact is shown in terms of the natural resources you saved from over-exploitation or the units of energy you preserved for a sustainable future.

Want to get rid of your old vehicle?

Let go of your age old unfit motor that doesn't serve its purpose neither to you nor to the environment & help bring circularity in the Indian automobile sector.

Know your waste

Did you know? More than half of our household waste is kitchen waste and the rest consists of dry & hazardous waste. Each waste type has to be segregated at source to enable its right disposal so that a circular economy can be formed. Click the button below to know about your waste.

Zero Waste Societies

With our zero waste management services we help your society to turn zero waste by incorporating zero waste practices within its residents & stakeholders.

What we do with your Waste

After you sell your dry recyclable waste to us, they are collected in The Kabadiwala's facility to be segregated, baled and then transported to the authorized recyclers to take new forms so as to enter back into the economy to achieve circularity.

Our Initiatives

Small steps towards sustainability.


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