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Mattress Circular Journey Initiative

ISPF & IPUA approached The Kabadiwala in search of a remedial model through which the consumers could get rid of their old mattresses sustainably without affecting the environment.
After a lot of research & brainstorming, The Kabadiwala team came up with a circular model that includes a chain of dealers and a digitised network of on-ground workers to help channelize the old mattresses from consumers to the authorised recyclers.
In July 2021, an event was organised to launch India’s first Mattress recycling campaign #Fekonahirecyclekaro, which was inaugurated by Bhopal Municipal Corporation Commissioner and Additional Commissioner received huge media coverage both locally & nationally.
Backend operation team were upskilled (Wastepickers are not segregating the material, they are the professionals working for the kabadiwala).
Dealers engagement program was established, in which standees and posters were installed at 50+ stores. It resulted in the gradual increase of the enrolled dealers.
On-ground activation program was also established, in which canopies were installed in the market areas to spread awareness among the general public.
To ease the mattress collection process, The Kabadiwala encouraged people to use its digital platform. Hence included old mattress as one of the scrap categories on The Kabadiwala App & website. So that people can schedule convenient pick up from the comfort of their homes.
For the success of any campaign, incentivising plays a crucial role. So, The Kabadiwala rewarded dealers with the environmental sustainability certificates and a monthly cash prize of Rs. 5000 to the highest collector.
To encourage customers to dispose of their mattresses sustainably, incentives were given in the form of cash vouchers of Rs. 600 for a single mattress and Rs. 1200 for a double mattress.
With the arrival of the festive season, a mass awareness campaign was carried out, during which other channels like Newspaper ads, Hoardings, and radio channels were targeted to better reach the general public.
Videos, reels, creative and articles were posted on The Kabadiwala’s social media platforms to target Bhopal’s tech-friendly consumers. Mattress recycling contest was also conducted online and the lucky winner was given free amazon gift vouchers.
By now, 60+ dealers enrolled with us, and 20 sustainability certificates issued.
Contributed in saving Tons of resources and reduced Green House Gas emission caused due to improper disposal of mattresses.
By March, 2022 in just 8 Months of the pilot we collected 860 Mattresses and diverted 10,000+ Kg of waste from Landfill.
We are planning to scale the impact by targeting more cities in India by the year 2022-23.

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