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Plastic Wall Experiment

The aim of this social experiment was to make people aware of how single-use plastic bags pose a huge risk to our wildlife and the environment on the whole, but with our small conscious steps towards the solution can be a great rescue.
Right in the middle of the busy market, The Kabadiwala team placed a wall made with polythenes, wrappers and other plastic packing material that due to the absence of a sustainable disposal system ends up in the landfills & oceans.
The intention was to make people pass through that filthy wall & experience the turmoil our terrestrial and aquatic animals have to face each day.
A camera was set up to capture the reactions and expressions of each & everyone who came out of it.
When confronted, people shared they felt an absolute disgust and were suffocated while passing through the plastic wall. There were around 50+ people who passed through that wall and all of their experiences were all in all of sheer discomfort.
The Kabadiwala team sensitised people about how a heap of plastic polythene acts as a false food bait for animals, like the turtles falsely eat plastic considering it to be jellyfish and it becomes highly possible for them to choke and die.
Also informed them, India generates approximately 9.46 million tonnes of plastic waste per year. Of which, nearly 60% is collected and recycled while the remaining 10,556 tonnes of plastic waste remains uncollected and littered in the environment.
At the end of this social awareness program, we distributed cotton bags as a remembrance of this event’s experience.
The people took cognisance of the environmental threat that the growing use of plastic poses on them and hence pledged to say no to plastic and adopt alternatives to carry bags, straws and cling film etc.
We achieved what we aimed for and we still continue to spread awareness both online and offline.

Our Initiatives

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