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Tree Plantation Initiative

On the 151st Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti, The Kabadiwala started a mission to turn Bhopal greener by planting 151 trees in the city.
For the mission, we gathered our customers who are actively involved in living a sustainable lifestyle and disposing of their waste responsibly by using The Kabadiwala’s services.
We planned out to promote our initiative through various social media channels and called out our customers to join us for this initiative of planting trees.
We achieved our aim of planting 151 trees in the city and even expressed our gratitude to our customers for their contribution in planting trees by tagging them with their names.
We continued our custom of planting trees on the 152nd Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti as well, and this time planted 152 trees in the beautiful land of our city Bhopal.
This year also we would like to continue our tradition of doing our bit to make Bhopal more greener & cleaner.

Our Initiatives

Small steps towards sustainability.