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Zero Waste Institute

To help your institute achieve Zero Waste, The Kabadiwala with its services binds the ends of the linear economy together to convert it into a circular one. Our journey towards Zero Waste starts by emphasising on the prevention of the wasteful practices from the onset of the chain, then leads to minimising the waste as much as possible, to finally recycle or rot to generate resources which can be pushed back to the economy.
What We Do?
Auditing: Auditing the existing waste management system of the institute to understand what changes need to be made & what infrastructural adjustments need to be acquired for the successful implementation of source segregation.
Engagement: Engaged volunteers within the institute are trained for monitoring if the source segregation is properly executed by everyone & also asked to share feedback/suggestions for any improvement.
Awareness: Spreading awareness among the teachers & students of the institute about source segregation & zero waste lifestyle so that they can become an active part of the institute’s zero waste journey.
Training: Complete training is given to the institute’s Housekeeping staff & volunteers for the perfect handling of the waste, its detailed procedures and operations of daily waste segregation.
Monitoring: Monitoring is done on a periodic basis, to keep a check if the program is going in the right direction and in the right manner. This is done through proper reporting by the housekeeping staff and gaining feedback from the volunteers.
Recycling: The Kabadiwala team collects the segregated waste on a weekly/monthly basis depending upon the quantum of waste generated, and sends them for recycling, composting and required treatment of the hazardous waste.
Certification: We certify the institute as the Zero Waste Institute after the successful completion of a Zero Waste year.
Key Benefits
Specialization: Get specialised service to become a zero waste institute.
Impact: Reduce your institute’s carbon footprint.
Zero Waste: Lead the zero waste adoption for institutes.
Compliance: Comply with the Solid Management Rule 16.
Sustainability: Motivate students & teachers to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.
Your Impacts & Contribution
Enriching the environment by diverting waste from landfills through the reduced generation of waste or the kind of waste that can be reused, recovered & recycled.
With the growing awareness, the majority supports the Zero-Waste Concept & appreciates the effort. Thereby adding value to your institute’s goodwill.
Bringing drastic change by educating about the Zero-waste concept to students, who are the real game changers.
Informal Sector
Empowering the informal sector by creating green jobs & in turn improve the livelihood of the waste workers.
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